How can we help?



The bank is NOT looking out for you, but they also really don't want your house back!  Don't give up without consulting us first.  There are several ways to resolve your situation.  Let us help!



Inheriting a house is a mixed blessing.  Sure, you can sell it through a realtor.  But who will make it show-ready?  Who will maintain it? Pay for lawn care?  We offer several alternatives that don't even require you to clean the house!

Job Relocation


Is your house in Tampa but your job in Seattle?  It's hard to leave your property in someone else's care and not be able to check on it.  And do you want the expense and hassle of a long-distance rental?  Or have to pay someone to keep it ready for showings?  Call us!

Upside Down?


Knowing that your mortgage balance is more than the value of the property is frustrating and scary.  But we have ways to turn your upside-down right-side up!  Call us!

Need Repairs?


If you think that you can't sell your house because it needs repairs then you've been talking to the wrong people!  We love to repair houses!  Let us give you a fair price offer!  No fixing required!

Ready to Retire?


Did you know that you could potentially end up in a higher tax bracket when you sell your house?  Don't let your gold mine become Uncle Sam's spending money.  Call us to see how we can make you money AND save you money at the same time!