About Us

Who We Are

We  are a husband and wife team who loves to solve real estate problems and  provide creative solutions for people. We aren't a big, flashing  corporation or millionaires.  We are just ordinary, hard-working people  who love what they do!  Note:  Denise is a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida.  (www.ParadiseLivingToday.com)

Our Philosphy

Our  goal is always to create a win-win environment. Call us "old-fashioned" but we believe in following  the "Golden Rule."  We treat others the way we want to be treated -  with respect and honesty.  We  hold ourselves to a high ethical standard  and put people before profit. 

Our Specialities

We love to take the neighborhood  "ugly duckling" and turn it into a swan.  Nothing brings us more joy than to  see someone make our house their "home", or to help someone out of a bad  situation and move on to a better future. 

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